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Prelude: Our Founding Father's Constitution 32 min 
Why Democracies and Political Parties were Dirty Words to Them.
from Mark A. Stoler

     Video Bullitens and This is an Extraordinary Time to be an American! from P Zeihan

   The Storm Before the Calm Coming Institutional and Social Cycles from G Friedman

    Economics Revealed and Iraq's Post US Economy from Adam Tooze

See Developing Our Constitution 1215-2022 a few pages

Adjusting to A Changing World

from Jordan Peterson
Political Correctness and Postmodernism 28 min
Why Some Political Correctness Is "Just Wrong"

Jealousy 9 min   Jordan Peterson
Compare Yourself to Yourself
Communist Manifesto Critique 30 min Jordan Peterson
Why Some Ideas Are Just Wrong
Totalitarianism in America

More Thoughts from Jordan Peterson

from Will Durant
The Lessons of History


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