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Accounting II Lecture Notes
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#2 Accounting II Video Lectures
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and are for those that like a quick lecture.
 from SANTA FE COLLEGE Videos by Susan V. Crosson

#3 Power Point Notes
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and therefore take longer.
Taken from
Financial And Managerial Accounting by Needles, Powers, and  Crosson was the source of these notes.

Part IV Financing Assets

 Unit  13 Accounting for Liabilities    
Topic Notes
Page  1  Page 2

Ch 9:  Current Liabilities
Ch 11: Long-Term Liabilities


Unit  14 Accounting for Partnerships  
Topic Notes
Page 1   Page 2

Not Covered

Not Covered

Unit  15 Accounting for Corporations Part I
Topic Notes
Page 1  Page  2
Unit  16
Accounting for Corporations Part II
Topic Notes
Page 1    Page 2

1 Corporations
2 Startup and Organization Costs
3 Stockholders Equity format
4 Sell Stock for Cash
5 Sell Stock Finance Building
6 Stock Options
7 Cash Dividends
9 Treasury Stock
1 Stock Dividends
2 Stock Splits
3 Deferred Taxes
4Tax Computation
6 Stockholders Equity
7 EPS & Book Value
Ch 12:Contributed Capital
Ch 13:
The Corporate Income Statement and the Statement of Stockholders' Equity

Part V The Present and Future
Value of Money
The Present And Future Value of Money

Special from UT Department of Finance
Time Value of Money #1
slide presentation allows you can go at your own speed
Time Value of Money #2 is another slide presentation allows you can go at your own speed

Part VI  Long-Term Liabilities 

Installment Notes Payable 

Bonds Payable 

1 Bond Types
2 Bond Types
3 Bond Price SE4
4 Effective Interest Bond Premium

5 Effective Interest Bond Discount

Part VII Accounting Principles
Accounting Principles


Part VII   Analyzing Financial Information

Unit  17 Cash Flow From Operating Activities
Topic Notes
Page  1  Page 2

1 Statement of Cash Flows Format
2 Operating Activates
3 Investing Activates-Investments
4 Investing Activates-Plant Assets
5 Financing Activates
6 Example-operating
7 Example-Investing
8 Example-financing
Ch14: The Statement of Cash Flows

Unit  18 Statement of Cash Flows
Topic Notes
Page 1   Page 2

Unit  19 Financial Statement Analysis
Topic Notes
Page 1   Page 2

1 Overview
2 Horizontal Analysis
3 Vertical Analysis
4 Liquidity Ratios
5 Liquidity Ratios AR
6 Liquidity Ratios Inv

7 Liquidity Ratios AP
8 Profitability Ratios
9 Solvency Ratios
10 Cash Flow Ratios
11 Market Strength Ratios
Ch 28:Financial Performance Evaluation

Unit  20 Investment in Corporate Securities
Topic Notes
Page 1   Page 2


Appendix I  Short-Term Investments
Appendix II  Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System