20th Century Decade Ranking
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The 19th Century Ended with Monarchs in Control of Europe, 
Government Social Responsibility Growing and Increased US Immigration. 


Decade Grade

Terrible Events
6 points each

Bad Events
2 points each

Not Good Events
1 point each

Rest of the Story

1930-39    1
Great Depression
Dust Bowl 
12 points

Bonus Army Killings   
Scottsboro Boy Racial Injustice
Memorial Day Massacre kills 10 strikers   6

  Keynes won the battle with classical economists
or did he? Scottsboro most famous of many atrocities
1950-59  2A

Asian Flu kills 70,000   6

Korean War4
Cold War5
Race Turmoil    6

2 Small
Red Scare   2

Economic Expansion grew the middle class.
1910-19    2B
Flu Pandemic kills 500,000 6

Labor Unrest     WW I4        
Measles kills 12,000 children
3       6

  Progressive Era Continued as US slowly begins to take on social responsibilities like the hookworm parasite which made tired many southern workers and students.
1940-49   4A


War II4   6

Cold War5  begins   2

  Marshal Plan rebuilt Europe and also helped U.S economy. 
Truman Doctrine
hoped to contain fears about communism.

2000-09   4B


Terrorism   Two Local Wars4 cc

Dotcom Bubble    Great Recession  8

  Voters accepted Two Tax Cuts and Medicare D expansion but will not increased federal debt. Terrorism cost much affects few.
1960-69    6



4 Assassinations and Social Unrest
Cold War Heats Up
4      Vietnam War    6

3    1

War and Segregation Turmoil dominated the decade.
1970-79 7A
  Stagflation and 2 Oil Crises  4 Watergate
Iran Hostages  2
Elderly hurt by Inflation and an inadequate safety net.
1990-99  7B

  AIDS3 Aids kills 200,000       6

    Middle Class Wage Stagnation Continued as more free trade increased foreign competition which began in the 1970's with the rust belt.
1900-09  9A



Labor l Unrest
  Sever Recession    4


Progressivism began a movement away from oligopoly power toward Public Social Responsibility. US Yellow Fever3 eliminated.

1980-89  9C

 Severe Recession 
3             4

  Ronald Reagan Cut Taxes deregulation era began, middle income wages stagnation continued with pain eased by newly named home equity loans, government debt plus future entitlement liabilities exploded.
2010-16 9D

Stagnate Economy  
       Voter Consternation     4

  Great Recession Ended Quickly as government printed what could be money, Medicare Part D increased those with government subsidized health care, slow economic recovery increased middle income white males consternation caused by help for minorities including gays,  competition from women and finally transgender rights.
1920-29  9E

Post WW I Recession 
Stock Market Crash    4

  Economy Expanded as Wall Street and Business Helped Rebuild Europe. Late 1929 crash would affect many.

Given Fewer Recent High Problem Decades, Why Are People So Apprehensive?

Current US Political Economy Controversies Explores This Question.

1The devastating effects of wars on the human condition make them the most terrible event. The devastating effects of unemployment on the human condition make it the second most terrible event. Prepared by Walter Antoniotti  2Company Paid Tax Free Health Insurance, Medicare Over Budget, Veterans Health Care, Medicaid, Hospital Must Help Uninsured with Cost Paid by Society            7/21/15
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